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Colorado Anaylsis from Michael Barone

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Senator Bennet still in trouble…

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Bennet getting unwanted attention…

  • In Colorado, appointed-Senator Michael Bennet’s refusal to take positions on key issues has garnered him some national, and likely unwanted, attention. The New York Times’ Greenwire reports, [w]hen it comes to legislation aimed at addressing climate change, there are senators whose votes are clear and those who are undecided. Then there is Sen. Michael Bennet, who might be described as a enigma.
  • The NRSC is working to hold Senator Bennet accountable. The Denver Post reports Bennet introduced legislation yesterday that “would put a statutory cap on the deficit beginning in 2012, forcing Congress to limit its own spending or trigger automatic cuts”…. That conversation is already a little tardy, said Amber Wilkerson, a spokeswoman for the Republican National Senatorial Committee.  “Unfortunately, this is too little too late from Senator Bennet after his vote in favor of the failed stimulus bill, the pork-laden omnibus, and the President’s massive budget in just seven months since his appointment by Governor Ritter,” she said.
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