Lathen and Suthers graded excellent and outstanding

Candidates Plus Community Panel Grades Lathen and Suthers

Lathen and Suthers graded excellent and outstanding respectively

Candidates Plus is pleased to announce the results of its assessment of candidates for the position of Mayor of Colorado Springs.

The Candidates Plus community panelists, consisting of a wide and varied non-partisan groups interviewed Amy Lathen and John Suthers on Saturday, February 14. The interviews lasted for more than 90 minutes each. The candidates were asked to demonstrate proficiency in six areas critical towards being successful mayoral candidates.

• Networking ability
• Positions of responsibility
• Character and history
• Intellectual capabilities and communication skills
• Political experience and campaign plan
• Political philosophy and positions

Each category was weighted to reflect its importance to the position of mayor of Colorado Springs based on documented voter demographic data. Candidates were scored in each category which resulted in an overall score.

The scores could range from 0 to 100%.

John Suthers overall score is 92.2%
Amy Lathen overall score is 78.7%

Compliance scale: details below
0—20%: Unsatisfactory: no evidence of performance, or detrimental factors exist
21—40%: Marginal: either inferential or slight evidence of performance
41–60%: Satisfactory: meets standards, average evidence or average performance
61—80%: Excellent: substantial evidence of success, strong evidence
81—100%: Outstanding: extremely robust evidence, high achievement, large body of relevant evidence

A cursory background check was made of candidates running for Mayor. Nothing emerged in the background check which has not already been disclosed.

It was noted that Joel Miller and Mary Lou Makepeace, despite numerous offers, declined the invitation to participate in the Candidates Plus interview process. The remaining two candidates for Mayor were not invited to participate in the February 14 interviews based on time constraints.

Based on the evaluation process it was determined that both candidates would be qualified to be Mayor of Colorado Springs. Mrs. Lathen brought strengths of policy knowledge, common sense and tenacity while Mr. Suthers demonstrated a broad vision, exceptional background and networking capability. Accordingly, Mr. Suthers received the higher score.

Quotes from John Suthers selected from the interview:

“I’ve actually been the guy in charge of an organization…not one of five or one of nine, I’ve been the one at the top of a large organization that had a budget and required difficult decisions to be made.”

“I have never committed anything in exchange for a contribution other than ‘I’ll do the best job that I can’, and I never will.”

“I know what a good city attorney should look like. We will have an outstanding city attorney.”

“I am skilled at taking complicated issues into simple issues.”

“My top three initiatives: If we change the political culture and invest in infrastructure we will increase private sector employment.”

“I am not flamboyant and in fact a little dull.”

“I’ve been dealing with people who disagree with me all my life.”

“I am not willing to say to the voters of Colorado Springs that they will not see an initiative to raise taxes on a ballot.”

“This is a labor of love.” – running for mayor

“Colorado Springs should have a connectedness to the state of Colorado and the nation.”

“I have never seen the level of gotta happen in this community.”

Quotes from Amy Lathen selected from the interview:

“My faith and my family are the two most important things to me. I love going home at the end of the day and being with my family.”

“I’m not a cruise director – defining what is ‘cool’ in Colorado Springs [in order to attract young professionals] is not my job as mayor. My job is to free-up the business environment so that the free market can define what is ‘cool’. My job isn’t to create that, it’s to look at the regulatory environment and determine if it supports ‘cool’. If young professionals think something is ‘cool’ or necessary and we have 8 regulatory hurdles in place that prevent businesses from bringing or creating it – that’s detrimental.”

“It’s not good to fight our battles in the headlines.”

“I will move the Mayor’s office to City Hall. I will communicate with city council members and staff. The move will be more than symbolic.”
“I have a very specific plan and platform for moving this city forward.”

“People need to be able to trust government.”

“I am a hard core bull headed policy pusher.”

“It’s always a team that makes decisions.”

“I transformed county government.”

“I want to create a philosophy of yes.”

“I am not afraid to have people around me who are smarter than me.”

“Lack of communication creates rumor, gossip and ill-will. It has created some of the problems we see in our city today.”

“I am very direct about conflict. It’s a lesson in futility to not sit across the table and lay it out. It may be brutal, but it’s the only way to come to some form of resolution.”

“How we fight the battles and where we fight the battles matters.”

“Repairing city council and staff relationships is key to avoid fear of putting ideas on the table.”

“I have been highly influential in the community.”

“I am responsible for 300 changes in the permitting process.”

“My skill in getting the most out of people is demonstrated. Relationships with staff at all levels are a significant strength, from executives to line level to engineers to those who drive graders.”

“If I’ve learned anything in all these years, it’s how to listen. I know what I don’t know.”

Candidates Plus improves political candidates and voter choices by enlarging and enhancing the candidate pool, submitting candidates and their campaigns to rigorous evaluation, and coaching candidates to victory using best practices and methods perfected in corporate America. Visit


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