Impression of Tom Emmer as Candidate for Congress

Sunday, July 6, 2014

My Impression of Tom Emmer as Candidate for Congress

by Charles Leck

For a short time, Tom Emmer served as a city councilman here in the town in which I live. I attended a number of meetings of the City Council during that time and I have a clear memory of Tom Emmer being a bully. I shared that sentiment a number of times with my wife and friends here in the community.

Whenever anyone stood up to speak against a proposal that Mr. Emmer favored – or for a proposal that he did not favor – he would virtually shout that person down with very ill-mannered comments and behavior. I remember, once, having to stand up and ask Councilman Emmer not to be so rude to people who wished to speak because it tended to frighten community residents and it discouraged them from speaking when we should be doing quite the opposite. Mr. Emmer glowered and smirked at me.

Now Mr. Emmer is running for election to the U.S. House of Representatives. Oh, my! I am saddened by this because I do not think he has the manners and/or the patterns of behavior that are generally expected of one who serves in such a distinguished position.
I chatted with a lawyer who has been looking into Tom Emmer’s behavior in a number of matters. Here’s what he told me…
“Tom Emmer’s history of questionable behavior in our community and in the neighboring town where he now lives bears serious inquiry before sending him to Washington. His suitability for elective office has to be measured by his conduct, not just by his self-professed conservative credentials. Emmer arranged for expensive landscaping at his home by Tony Poppler, a local small businessman. When it was time to pay, Emmer refused and defended the lawsuit Poppler was forced to bring by claiming that Mrs. Emmer had signed the contract for the Emmer home improvements so he had no personal liability. There are rumors of other local businesses that have unpaid obligations due from Emmer, although folks are reluctant to discuss specifics, leaving so many of us in the region shaking our heads in disbelief. Emmer’s criminal record includes charges of careless driving and driving while intoxicated. Of less serious nature, but perhaps an indication of an ‘above the law’ attitude are a number of more recent speeding and serial parking violations. Emmer deflects any questioning about his run-ins with the law by referring to them as mistakes in the system and not in his behavior. I’m no saint, but I know lots of qualified candidates for esteemed positions whose conscience is deservedly clear about their business dealings and who are not so familiar with law enforcement.”

This fellow is correct about Mr. Emmer’s strange attitudes and I hope the public takes a close look at this guy’s every day behavior before deciding to vote for him.

I’m not a resident or a voter in the district in which Mr. Emmer is running. I’m just down the road from it, however, and I’m familiar with many people there who know Tom Emmer and have deeply-felt worries about him being their congressional representative. The vast majority of folks, however, have not gotten to know Mr. Emmer and they will learn of him only through a campaign that will try to glamorize him and cover up his boorish and bullying behavior.

Tom Emmer was not a good state legislator. He was not a good city councilman and he will not be a good legislator on the national level. He is not a reasonable man who is willing to think things through thoroughly before giving his opinion about those matters. He has placed himself out there on the far right and that is where he intends to stay. Tom Emmer is not just a conservative, but he is a radical conservative with a closed mind. The people of the 6th district should reject him.
By the way, I have here, on my desk, a couple of the court documents related to the suit the above lawyer refers to in the case of Tony Poppler vs Tom Emmer.

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New Money Super PAC to Build GOTV Army

New Money Super PAC to Build GOTV Army for Conservatives
By: Aaron Gardner (Diary) | June 2nd, 2014 at 03:00 PM | 5

New SuperPACs seem to sprout up all the time, but one that brings new money to the conservative movement, and has a focus on ground operations rather than campaign ad wars, is worth noting.

Vote 2 Reduce Debt (V2RD) announced they will be targeting 11 United States Senate races this fall and they are already actively engaged in three states prior to tomorrow’s June 3rd primary elections in IA, CO and MT. The PAC is taking on two issues that get right to heart of conservative anger toward the establishment: out of control federal spending by government, coupled with the waste, fraud and abuse of the consultant class that resulted in an almost non-existent ground game during the 2012 election cycle.

It’s a big lift. The PAC’s national political strategist, Patrick Davis, a personal friend and the former National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) Political Director who led the GOP to victory the last time Republicans wrested control of the US Senate back from the Democrats back in 2004.

Now, he’s coordinating the 11 state victory strategy for Vote 2 Reduce Debt by focusing on the nuts and bolts of political campaign, door knocking, phone banking and grassroots rallies designed to reinvigorate a base that has felt ignored, as well as to attract new voters to the cause by delivering a message that resonates with most people. “As we have been in the field leading into Tuesday primary elections, we’ve been able to identify that the federal debt is an eighty-percent issue, meaning that 80% of conservatives believe that the debt and economic issues are their top priority today.” Davis said.

The overwhelming national debt and how it will impact generations to come was the catalyst for Mr. Ken Davis of Ft. Worth Texas to decide to engage in the political process.

Ken Davis (no relation to Patrick Davis), who is highly regarded and very successful businessman, decided that after years of focusing his efforts in the private sector, he wanted to do something of vital importance for future generations: leave them with a secure nation, and ensure they are not saddled with insurmountable debt and the accompanying tax burden.

His commitment to the PAC as its founder and funder has led to the PAC’s ability to help such conservatives as Joni Ernst (IA), Cory Gardner (CO), and Rep. Steve Daines (MT) as they vie for republican US Senate nominations. According to Patrick Davis, “First we are influencing primaries in order to insure that the right candidates are nominated, then, with a conservative field secured we make the case to the base and broader conservative population.”

According to V2RD, there are approximately 26 million self-identified Christian conservatives who did not feel impelled to vote in the last election cycle or two. That group of disaffected conservatives is a major focus for the PAC’s turn out efforts.

Randy Hill , the PAC’s president, is a successful entrepreneur and businessman who is not a politician, something that may resonate well with conservatives fed up with Washington establishments pandering rhetoric. By pairing Randy Hill, a successful businessman, with Patrick Davis, the last political director to win back the US Senate for the GOP, V2RD may have the right recipe for appealing to the base in 2014 and 2016. If there are two things conservatives are fed up with, they are gluttonous government and losing

You can see more from V2RD on its twitter and facebook pages.

Community Organizing on the Right

September 17th, 2013 No comments

The Disconnect Between Outrage and Action

And how the Democrats bridged the divide to win elections



Americans are outraged.

The front page of the Washington Post recently told the story of an elderly man whose home was sold right out from underneath of him by the government due to a tax lien for a measly $134 dollars.  This elderly man was left with nothing.  Americans are outraged about this man’s plight and the similar fate of the countless others his story represents.

In other news, Congress decided that it would accept President Obama’s healthcare waiver thereby exempting themselves and their staff from Obamacare.  Worst still, the very agency tasked with enforcing Obamacare, the Internal Revenue Service, has requested an Obamacare waiver for their employees.  Americans are outraged by the uneven application of law, with Congress and regulators assuming a position above the laws they foist on the American people.

U.S. unemployment numbers are dismal with fewer Americans participating in the labor force than any time since 1978.  Sixty-seven percent of Americans want to see the Keystone XL pipeline approved in order to address rising energy costs yet President Obama and his allies are ignoring the vast majority of the population and blocking this vital energy lifeline.  Americans are outraged that the President and his allies are immune to the pain Americans feel as energy costs cause price escalations everywhere from the gas pumps to the grocery stores.

All of these problems existed last year well before the election.  Yet, for all the outrage, there has been no turn over in the one place where the outrage should have had an effect – the election booth.

How is it that so many people are outraged and yet the President was re-elected and the House and Senate leadership remained unchanged?

There is a disconnect between outrage and action.  The reason is simple.  Politically center-right leaning Americans who are outraged by Obamacare, a lack of domestic energy production, etc., are mainstream, employed, tax payers with responsibilities.  They take to social media to vent their frustration in extraordinary numbers, but without some infrastructure to support their viewpoint, without leadership and tools, they are not able to fully harness that frustration and turn it into focused action.  On the flip side, there are people who take to the streets without much infrastructure in order to vent their political frustration – people like those who slept in tents and made their own political materials like the Occupy Wall Street protestors.  Those protestors are unemployed, or with few responsibilities, and tend to be radical to the point of being easily dismissed.

In order to be truly successful, a movement needs two things: credible participants and credible leadership.

The answer is grassroots development in the form of community organizing.  People who sneer at community organizing don’t understand what it is.  It’s the low-tech, plodding, methodical, and unglamorous — but vitally important — key to victory.  And, the Democrats have it and the Republicans don’t.  Community organizing is what the group Obama For America (now Organizing For Action) has done for the left in each election since 2008.  It is a well funded effort that identifies responsible, working, mainstream supporters and gives them an office to go to, phones to utilize, professional high quality materials to distribute, and it has the resources to capture the identifying information for these super-volunteers, and to warehouse and cull the data collected through their outreach efforts.  It does not close shop between elections.

That’s what conservatives and Republicans don’t have.  The party committees are not set up to do this kind of community organizing.  The Democrats know that to be true, which is why the left’s remarkable ground game effort was not housed with the DNC.  Organizing For Action (OFA) is a standalone operation.

Person to Person PAC (P2P) is the grassroots community organizing entity established to counter the Democrat’s Organizing For Action model.  P2P, like OFA, exists outside of the Party structure, with dedicated professional oversight, dedicated meeting space for volunteers, providing a consistent presence, and high quality materials and information, to super-volunteers looking for a reliable place to donate their valuable time.  It will provide mainstream, center-right conservatives with a place to turn their justified outrage over harmful policies and tone-deaf politicians into actions that will change elections and effect real change.

P2P PAC is looking to start well before the 2014 election cycle, by making a commitment in the Virginia gubernatorial race this November.

As the old saying goes, if you are not outraged you are not paying attention but I suspect you are outraged because you are paying attention.  Log on to Person to Person PAC.  Let us help you blow off some steam and make a difference for the cause.

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